October 24, 2007

the tortures of the damned...

MP3: Ingrid Pitt Indeed (2.9 mb)

In the late 60s/early 70s, there was a midnight horror movie show called Shock Theatre that came on TV in Montgomery every Friday and Saturday night. I was glued to the set each week as they showed hours of famously frightening movies starring the black and white likes of Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi and Lon Chaney Jr, but the ones that really caught my budding eye were the ones by a British company called Hammer. These lush and gothic films, shot in technicolor and seemingly always featuring Peter Cushing or Christopher Lee (or both!), careened my imagination far into overdrive...especially when they brought out the busty actresses who were either innocent victims or vicious temptresses, but always alluringly sexy. What more could a young boy want?

This tribute to Ingrid Pitt - Hammer's Queen (what, you were expecting maybe Barbara Steele?) - is from the out-of-print Marble Tea CD 2001: A Case of the Tea, a collection of home recordings from earlier this century. Happy Halloween....


I've got a Hammer horror film in my head
Starring Ingrid Pitt as the Queen of the Dead
I walk into the laundromat
with red and ripped sheets
a roll of quarters in my pocket
so I can wash rinse and repeat

I've got a Hammer horror mood in my brain
Sheer white gowns and a castle in the rain
I step out of the restaurant
and fall to my knees
rip my shirt down to the waist
because I know that she'll be pleased

I've got a Hammer horror look to my face
Ingrid Pitt wipes her mouth on the staircase
I don't know where I was today
I just woke up scared
when she comes again tonight
I'll try to be more prepared

Ingrid Pitt
In the Vampire Lovers
Ingrid Pitt indeed
Ingrid Pitt
As Elizabeth Bathory
Ingrid Pitt indeed
Ingrid Pitt
In Sound of Horror
Ingrid Pitt indeed
Ingrid Pitt
Dah dah dee dum dee dah
Ingrid Pitt indeed

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Anonymous said...

Why doesn't the sound match up?

the marble tea said...

Thanks for noticing that. The video snippet I have on the computer syncs picture & sound fine, but once I uploaded it to Photobucket (yes, instead of YouTube) it didn't match up. It took so long to upload it that I didn't want to try it again. I also felt that - at the beginning at least - the mismatched sound seemed kind of neat, almost like a narration or something. But mostly I was too lazy to try uploading it again.

The Weasel said...

cool. I remember Creature feature on Saturday mornings too. And Ultraman, and Jonny Sokko and his Flying Robot. Anyways, I dropped over from icompositions to say hello. Hello.