January 16, 2008

if 6 was 9

MP3: If Wishes Were Fishes (3.9 mb)

Pardon me for being an old hippie, but I think that in much the same way Love can wound or heal, Vision can be a prison or it can be freedom. How do you see the grass, Glasshopper?

Er...I mean, how do you see the glass, Grasshopper? Half this or half that?

As an experiment, this song was recorded in Garageband (as opposed to Logic) so that I could reacquaint myself with that astonishingly ubiquitous program.


If wishes were fishes
Then dreamers would fish
For wishes and fishes
And dishes delish
And I'd still be in a boat
Out on the ocean

If money was honey
It'd hang from a tree
Like honey but money
And all very free
Would you still stick your paws
Down in my wallet?

Don't get any ideas about my beehive
Don't get any ideas about my fish

If oranges were violent
We'd all be surprised
We'd put them in cages
And run for our lives
Maybe they're not dangerous
Just different

If lovers were dolphins
They'd never say 'No'
They'd always be happy
And ready to go
Would I keep dangling worms
Into the water?

Don't get any ideas about my oranges
Don't get any ideas about my girl

If doctors were lawyers
They'd put us on trial
Disease is illegal
Buy your health in a vial
Maybe we should reassess
Those fishes

If vision was prison
Well maybe it is....


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