March 16, 2008

life goes on within you and without you

MP3: Faces on a Train (5.2 mb)

You know how sometimes you'll be having a conversation about one thing and several minutes later you'll be talking about something totally different and you think "How did we start talking about that?" and when you look back through the topics you discussed you see how one thing led to another (yeah yeah yeah) and often it's only one or two steps but sometimes it's quite many and you'll see how things fit together like a jigsaw puzzle, but not really like a jigsaw puzzle because the shapes of thoughts aren't that well-defined, they're more like amoebas shape-shifting around like the particles in our bodies which, they say, are constantly morphing and so leads many to believe that the body can heal itself, and still others to feel that it goes much further than that since everything is comprised of these malleable, affective particles and so why is it so hard to believe that someone like Uri Geller could bend spoons with his mind when really all one would do is cut the perceived distance and difference between the utensil and themselves into smaller chunks until there was no distance and everything was one thing?

Well, here's a song about travel.


Faces on a train
The streets of Madrid, Spain
So many to see, so few to know

Getting on the boat
And heading to the sea
Staring at the waves that rise and fade

You can't count them all, they all become the sea
All the waves in you are all the waves in me

Pieces of a dream
Like pearls across the floor
I raise my arms and fade into the sky

Everything I am is everything that is
I listen closely and I found out what it says

Cells in a body
Bodies in a country
Countries in a planet that spins and hums
[sing that stanza twice, please]

Faces on a train
The streets of Madrid, Spain
So many to see, so few to know

Book: Middlesex: A Novel by Jeffrey Eugenides
Music: Back Numbers by Dean & Britta
Film: Michael Clayton

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Cruelty Free Etsy said...

I love this song.

Anonymous said...

this may be one of my fav tunes you've written...that's a fact! Hope all is well with you!