September 23, 2008

hey, that's no way to say goodbye

MP3: Goodbye to Summer (Version) (3.9 mb)

Two goodbye songs in one month, hooda thunk? Summer deserves a send-off as well, and despite the big ugly mess it was on the Jersey Shoreline CD, I always liked this song for some reason and so decided to give a shot at re-mixing it to see if it might be more presentable. It's still a bit of a mess, but I have no shame....


I remember the waves on the beach
How they knocked me over
Like the miracle strip with the sand in your suit
Swimming time for you is over

Goodbye to Summer
Say it isn't so
Slacks and umbrellas
Summer has to go
It has to go

All the jellyfish on the sand
Like clear blue piles of dogshit
And the shrimp in the beer and the snake in the box
Uncle Monster lurking somewhere

Where's your choice for sleeping tonight?
By the open ocean window
There's the smell of the house
We were all in the shower
We all knew each other well then

Goodbye to Summer
Say it isn't so
Rep ties and blue blazers
Summer has to go
It has to go

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marta lee said...

Great song, but I'm confused, how do I download it?

KBJ said...

Thanks, and sorry for the confusion. You can Right-click the song title and choose "Save Target As..." or whatever the pop-up says (if you're fortunate enough to be using a Mac, you can Control-click -- or Right-click if you have a multi-button mouse -- and choose "Download Linked File"). Just be sure to make note of where you're saving it if you don't have a designated Downloads folder!