March 29, 2009

shadows and tall trees

MP3: U Kadamba U (4.8 mb)

Trees seem to be returning characters in my life lately (and my blog as well). I suppose that's appropriate, given the various evocations trees are capable of, and my ever-intruding quest to understand the interconnectedness of things both tiny and large.

Here's my line of thinking today (and I'm just exploring here so bear with): the way you look at something determines how it appears to you, much more so than the way it actually is. For example, trees in winter stripped of their leaves can be achingly beautiful or starkly sinister, depending on how you choose to see them or what your current state of mind is. They are what they are, but you infuse them with meaning/power/importance or whatever.

We've given trees such a wide range of roles. They can be majestic, bold, steadfast and strong. They can be threatening and sharp, leaning over you with menace. They can be grouped together as a mysterious or inviting forest; or solitary and bare, the loneliest of images. They are life and growth, they are death and decay. They are both hugged and chopped.

There's no real point to all this. I'm just trying to figure out what this month's song is about, and why I wrote it. It seems to have something to do with appearance and oneness. Would you like to help?


You were scared of the bare trees
Because they looked like witches
Curling fingers over the road
And you feared they might grab you
So you curled in the back of the car

I was on a train to Manhattan
Wearing my suit and my tie and my hat on
Falling asleep as the cradle car rocked
And it rolled and it rocked and it rolled
I dreamed of women with beautiful leaves

Three attempts in the doorway
Because they couldn't quite figure
Out who you were
Until you showed them all your branches
And your fingers slender and long

Oh, PS: I almost forgot! All of last year's songs are now bundled into one nifty package that you can download here. That's 15 free songs, so if you missed them throughout the year now's your chance to have them all together. You can also download the previous two years of songs there absolutely free as well!

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Casper Hauser said...

I knoe exactly what you mean Knight, I find (doing design especially) that everything is subjective and is one thing to one person and another thing to another person, but all the time it is what it is, and we impose ourselves on it (whatever it is), thanks for sharing x

KBJ said...

Thanks, Casper. Yes it's true, innit?

Anonymous said...

I'm so clever! I (finally) figured out how to download the year of songs and put them in my iTunes library. Didn't even need someone over my shoulder reminding me how. Then I went and figured out the whole ringtone shebang, all by myself. My fear of technology is ridiculous, I'm aware. (I still can never log into Comments sections with my username.) But give me props, because now I'm Tea'd up and ready to play! (Did I just inadvertently use a golfing analogy?)

KBJ said...

Hooray!! I'm so glad you were able to make it work, and thanks for persevering (as well as signing your name so I know it's you)! Props to you...I was going to say you're under par in keeping with the golfing reference, but that sounds like you're sub-par...which you're definitely not! Rockin'....