July 23, 2009

he landed right on target but the target rolled away

MP3: Why Can't I Say What I Mean? (3.3 mb)

I share a birthday with Thomas Edison and claimed him as a hero from a very young age, even going so far as to cause chemistry set explosions in my closet many mornings before walking off to school. I've had many heroes since, but find it slightly ironic that one of my latest icons was an arch-nemesis of Mr. Edison's, a Serbian visionary whose name even to this day isn't given the credit it's due.

With that in mind, I'm pleased to announce that A Score for Tesla: Music from the film Megahertz is available for download, and FREE even until the end of this month! Donations entitle you to higher quality sound files, if you're of an audiophilic nature.

MHz (Megahertz) is an enlightening film from Jordan Graye at Anam Cara Productions that's about a self-destructive radio DJ who encounters Nikola Tesla in the afterlife, and the ways they help each other work through the tattered energies of their lives. While the story deals with the emotional and spiritual dramas of the characters, it also provides quite a bit of insight into the enigmatic inventor's personal and professional life as it aims to set the records straight about Tesla's massive contribution to the modern world. An excellent film, and I was honored to be involved.

The film also includes a few Marble Tea tunes, as well as some music from another of my heroes, the recently coastal Max Eider. Sorry, folks...you'll have to hunt those songs down elsewhere. Also, I'm greatly indebted to Stephanie Bissonnette for her help and expertise in whipping the artwork for the Score into shape. Thanks, Steph!

Now, about this month's free mp3. The original version of this song appears on the I'm Batman EP (link subject to change soon), but I gave a shot at re-recording it about a year ago and just realized I never let you have it. So hear you go - a somber song for a rainy summer.

Oh and a final question for you. I think the iPhone is the first great consumer invention of the 21st century. What's your favorite invention?

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