August 07, 2006

busted afternoon

MP3: Welcome to the Neighborhood (3.5 mb)

Here's a song based on my friend Cliff's experience moving our friend Lisa Marie up from Montgomery to Atlanta several years ago. As these things generally go, the lyrics are a combination of separate events, and I'll have to admit that Cliff was somewhat disappointed that they didn't reflect the seedier aspects of the situation. I'm inclined to agree, but was pulled in the direction of writing a fairly "safe" laid-back country-ish tune this time around.

In other news, the new EP is almost finished and should be in your ears very soon!

1 comment:

riskart said...

well, well, made me giggle and sigh at the same time. a fellow i work with is digginig into the mac music world i told him about your music and brought it in for him to listen to. looked at your site for the first time in a long time. looks great. music sounds great as always. i am so happy for you and kate. seems like you are both doing well together making the music. even though you say things are bleek and bored. you are making music and that is a good thing. tell cliff hello i know you talk to him more than i. julie in atl