September 15, 2006

where the ocean meets the eye

MP3: Me & the Sea (For Better or Worse) (4.5 mb)

I have been looking for a long time
For something to ease my troubled mind
The closest thing I've found
Is an inaudible sound
That I discovered accidentally tonight

I went out walking by the ocean
I went out under the dark sky
Autumn has begun
So all the tourists have gone home
And I was watching the big waves go by and by

At first it seemed to harmonize so sweetly
Above the crashing waves upon the sand
But then I realized
What I was hearing with my eyes
As it was coming from the sea to take my hand

Now I'm not one to go for new age icons
Or pantheistic flights in empty verse
But when it held me near
And it devoured my little tear
I had to "Halleluh" for better or for worse

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wow. Leonard Cohen takes a walk through a Magnetic Field in Underwater Moonlight. I love, love, love it!