October 23, 2006

an unrelated thing

MP3: Love Bomb (2.3 mb)


You can listen to all the songs on your computer anytime you want and, in addition to it being available on CD, you can also buy it in MP3 format. Totally cool, but even cooler is that there's a FREE downloadable EP of 5 more groovy tunes when you buy it. Do it now...you know you want to.

With all this love raining down, it seemed appropriate to post another song here this month. So what you have here is an older song about dropping a bomb of love that might hopefully open the eyes and hearts of...well, just everyone in general. Much better than those nasty ones that destroy lives, right? PEACE AT ANY COST...find me a political party with that platform and I'll sign on.

[UPDATE 10/25: Kate has informed me that "Peace at any Cost" sounds a little harsh, as if to say "We'll bomb 'em into submission." Truly, that's not the intent of the phrase, nor the direction of my beliefs. I just liked using the word "cost" while offering a free song, and then segueing into the bit below about COSTCO. Understood? Thank you.]

Camera update: COSTCO really came through. As mentioned in the last entry, I returned my 2-year old defective camera to them (with receipt and I found the box) and they gave me store credit not only for the full price of it, but - since sales tax had increased here in NJ in the interim - even a few cents more! Sweet. I used the credit to purchase a brand new, much better camera than my old one.

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Jen said...

Oh My Gosh!

The kitty in this picture looks exactly like our beloved kitty, Mr. Darcy!

Loving your tunes. Just fabulous.