October 11, 2006


MP3: Pumpkin Postcard (1.5 mb)

My camera's broken. Sometimes I wish my cell phone had a camera on it, but it doesn't so I'm without an image capture utility at the moment. Let's see if the rumors are true: I bought the camera at Costco two years ago and I still have the receipt (but not the box). I've heard they're pretty liberal with their return policy so I'm going to be testing that very soon. I'll let you know how it goes....

Since it's October, a pumpkin song seems in order! I received a postcard a while back that had a picture of all these little kids dressed in crazy animal Halloween costumes, and they were splayed about someone's yard amongst a smattering of pumpkins. It looked like they (the kids and the pumpkins) had all been thrown there haphazardly by some giant hand, and it kind of freaked me out. Sometimes when I get freaked out I write a song. Sometimes when the song seems sparse I cut little loops into it. And sometimes when it seems even slightly interesting, I'll post the song here. Ah, the 21st century!

The new EP is at the duplication palace and should be available within the month!

Oh yes and finally this: I've got a spot on MySpace.com now, so come on over and be a friend, eh? The URL is myspace.com/marbletea. I've got the little Blogthing going there too, and I'm trying to synchronize them in such a way that there's complimentary information that reading both will reveal in some obtuse way. Yeah, I didn't explain that very well. Let's just say REM, Christopher Isherwood, and Julie Harris are all in on it, m'kay?


Joey said...

Very cool tune, my mystical brother! Ah yes, cameras with phones--all too 007 for me, the Luddite that I am, but T loves it, as you know...

Dr. M

riskart said...

just now got around to listening to the ep. love it! i can see you an mau standing around outside some club in NYC smoking for 'mercury' and loved 'say goodbye' made me miss the red hall. you are doing such wonderful work up there. kate is a great inspiration!