December 17, 2008

let nothing you dismay

MP3: Hey! You in the Tuxedo! (4.8 mb)

Happy Holidays to you all! It's a Bubblegum Christmas so that's what you'll find when you unwrap this month's free mp3. Chewy and it goes POP!

Anyway, this time of year always reminds me of all the debutante balls thrown in my hometown, and the fun we had putting on tuxedos and getting drunk and into trouble as the chilly nights arrived. I'm sure the girls were excited for their society debuts but - sorry ladies - my crowd never paid much attention to that part of the festivities. Our first words uttered upon arriving at the galas and shaking hands in greeting were inevitably "Where's the bar?" And that, my friends, always set the tone for the evening.

Now, several months back I mentioned writing songs inspired by my father's passing, and this is actually one of those. Dad was the Master of Ceremonies for one of the finer balls in town, and I was always thrilled and proud to see him up there doing his thing. It seemed perfectly natural as he was always a ringleader and the center of focus in any crowd. As my Uncle Bryant said, "He does fill up a room."

Well I found the photo below - it appears to be from the late 50s/early 60s - and everything just kind of came together for this song.

And just to set the record straight: Yes, our cat Cosmo is quite debonair in his tuxedo too, but this song has nothing to do with him.

So there you have it, a seasonal song from my memory bank. If you're looking for a Christmas song, check out the Marble Tea rendition of Silent Night, which has been selected as this week's Song of the Week by Thanks, G!

I also want to congratulate my friend Dylan Kight for having his album The Nightbirds Revolt chosen as one of the Top 12 DIY albums of 2008 by Performing Songwriter magazine. Way to go, Dylan! He's an amazing talent, so go befriend him at his MySpace page, eh?

Stay warm & cool till next time!

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Doh said...

Nice picture of your dad. And your cat.

KBJ said...

Why thanks. To you.