December 30, 2008

why pamper life's complexities

MP3: 316 (4.4 mb)

When I lived off Ponce de Leon Ave in Atlanta, I used to joke that Athens was just down the street since you could basically take Ponce (and its various name changes) all the way into that feisty little college town. But then GA Hi-way 316 came along, and that changed everything.

The original version of this song appeared on the always questionable Jersey Shoreline CD, and I've wanted to re-record it ever since. I finally seized my chance last night in what started out as an innocent test to see if I could get my microphone working properly (if it didn't - and the little cylinder had been giving me trouble for some time - I only had till the last day of this month/year to get a great deal on a new one). Before I knew it, I had fallen headlong into recording this song. It still hasn't quite gotten up to snuff, but I thought I'd pass it along anyway as a final tune for 2008.

I hope you enjoy it, and that your New Year is filled with all you desire....


We were listening to Urban Urbane by David J
And you had the world tattooed upon your body
And heaven is a place in your head
Everything else is incidental

When night came inhibitions fell like autumn leaves
So we drove and drove and drove along the highway
And as you gave yourself to the moon
You flickered on and off in headlights

Lonely moon sends flowers to the streetlights
He sees up their skirt with his shiny shoes
They blush for a moment and then they sigh
They don't mind, because he's The Moon

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Fuel Burning Oracle said...

When the leather runs smooth on the passenger's seat?