January 28, 2009

good morning (x3 + Ga)

MP3: Tinkle, Winkle, Pobble & Bip (640 kb)

This month has really gotten away from me. Not that most of them don't (Time: what a concept), but as much spinning of the wheels as there's been, there's also been some forward motion. Let me tell you first about this month's song....

Tinkle, Winkle, Pobble & Bip is a 30-second theme song exercise for a children's TV show in much the same vein as The Teletubbies. Four strange little creatures with funny-sounding names getting into all kinds of psychedelic adventures - what could be better than that? Obviously it's geared toward a younger audience, but if you're feeling a little silly it might hit the spot.

Now for the latest news:

*CDs and downloads are once again available for purchase at my website, The Marble Tea Webthing (www.marbletea.com). I had to re-arrange some things due to server problems on the back-end, so individual songs aren't available anymore but you can buy the 'albums' in packages at really low prices! And of course, there's lots of free stuff there too.

*The film Megahertz, concerning the other-wordly adventures of the increasingly prophetic genius Nikola Tesla and a soul-searching female disc jockey, is nearing completion. Brought to you by Anam Cara Productions, I was thrilled to do the score for it as well as contribute a wee pop song or two. There's also some music from the indisputably talented hands of our hero, Mr. Max Eider.

*New Mystics is a gathering place for artists of all stripes, and features lots of great work from poets, writers, filmmakers, musicians, painters, etc. Their theatre company recently branched out into film-making, and I'm honored to be providing music for a series of their short films. You can check out the development of this series on their film page.

*If you have a mobile phone with internet access, rejoice! The Marble Tea Weblog is now available in a version optimized for your on-the-go lifestyle! Just point your phone's browser toward http://mippin.com/weblog and you'll be able to hear the latest tunes and read my inane ramblings wherever you may be! More info may be had from the link below (I'm just pasting in the code they provided, so we'll see):

Add the marble tea weblog Mippin widget

*Finally, thanks to everyone who's expressed their sadness over the closing of the Book Bin. It's been quite a time, but Kate & I are looking forward to the future with anticipation (particularly one free from so many boxes of books creating their own corridors in the house!). We'll continue to sell online through Amazon.com and Abebooks.com, and hopefully I'll have our main site updated soon so come visit us!

That's it for now as I have to go in for an unexpected shift at my other job shortly. Stay warm until next time.....

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