January 06, 2007

borrowed soul

MP3: Cheese (2.2 mb)

If you got a digital camera for Christmas, congratulations to you. But one thing has me puzzled: do we still run the risk of having our souls stolen in the picture taking process when film has left the equation?

As a way of somehow explaining what I mean, here's another one of those late-night 4-track recordings. Proceed carefully, children. Dangers lurk in even the most incidental appliances....


Today I had my picture taken
Today I had my soul stole
Today it went into a camera
And landed on the film roll

We took it to the drugstore quickly
Development in just one hour
It's rare that these things often happen
But when they do it's ACTION TOWER [...I don't know. Ed.]

I sat around oblique and friendly
Unaware I was un-whole
My friends took care of all the details
And soon they had the prints in tow

They put them in my hands discreetly
And magnetism did its job
It filtered through the waxy colors
And I had what was almost robbed


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