February 13, 2007

i can see it (but i can't feel it)

MP3: Theoretically Being There (1.04 mb)

It's been a while since I read Alfred Bester's The Stars My Destination, but one interesting thing that stuck with me - if I remember it correctly...and so many times I don't - was that when the characters would "jaunte" (or teleport) from one place to another, it was important that they have an image of the place they would be landing set firmly in their mind's eye or else things could go horribly wrong.

As Dr. Mystic and I have discussed, there's a plethora of theories out there about making your life what it should be, and most of them hold to the belief that it's important to see oneself vividly being where one wants to be in order to...be there. That's oversimplified, of course. Basically, thoughts precede action and all that. Wanna be a fireman? See yourself fighting those fires, complete with coat, axe, badge, and boots, and see it often. Rock Star? Tighten up those pants, lad, and strap on a six-string in your mind.

Anyway, our cat Cosmo brings this down to earth. When he's about to leap onto something unfamiliar, he stares at it intensely, vibrates for a moment, and then jumps successfully to his destination. Kate and I call this the See It...Be It configuration. He sees where he wants to be, and then he is there.

With this in mind, I hope this simple song will provide some nourishing entertainment along your path.


You can't be anywhere
If you're not already there

You've got to see where you want to be
If you want to be where you want to be

You can't be anywhere
If you're not already there

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